Wednesday, May 19, 2010

USB Drive Encryption

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption भन्नाले तपाई को USB Drive लाई पासवर्ड Protection दिने हो . यस मा 256-bit AES encryption जसले तपाई लाई military-level को security र  easy and affordable solution दिएको छ . Wondershare USB Drive Encryption, तपाई कुनै कुरमा चिंता लिनू पर्दैन की तपाई को डाटा हरौनु , डिलीट हुनु मा तपाई को डाटा सबै सुरचित  on USB storage media.

*Providing the most reliable data protection, using 256-bit AES encryption algorithm
*Create your data to a separate zone, which can be encrypted password
*Knowing the password, you can view information on any computer, even if it is not ustaonvlen USB Drive    Encryption
*Hiding access to personal data
*Protection of data using read-only "
*Support for a variety of USB devices: USB card, external hard drives , maps, cameras, and cameras, etc. *Easy to use
*to work with the program does not need administrator privileges

डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस : Click Here 


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