Saturday, October 30, 2010

Excel the Missing Manual

Excel the Missing Manual

 Becoming an Excel jockey takes practice, dedication, and expert guidance. And, despite its fairly steep learning curve, Excel is a marvelously rich program that enables users of every stripe to turn data into information using tools to analyze, communicate, and share knowledge. Whether you're new to Excel or an intermediate-level spreadsheet aficionado, Excel: The Missing Manual is sure to become your go-to resource and training partner.

Like all Missing Manuals, this book is an advanced-beginner river of knowledge that offers jumping off points to side and more advanced topics. Covering all the features of Excel 2002 and 2003, including worksheet basics, formulas and functions, organizing worksheets, charts and graphics, advanced data analysis, sharing data with the rest of the world, and more, Excel: The Missing Manual is an easy-to-read, humorous, thorough, and downright enjoyable guide to the world's most popular spreadsheet program.



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